Surface: 280 hectares

Production in 2019: 13 000 hectolitres / approx. 1 700 000 bottles

Soils: Homogenous pink granite forms the main soil type of these steep slopes whose altitude is the highest of all the 10 crus. The soils are also extremely meagre and sandy.

Attributes: Vivacity and smoothness

Aspect: Ruby red

Nose: Floral, with iris, lily of the valley, violet and peony

Palate: Red fruit

Characteristics: This appellation is situated north of the Rhône, in the heart of Chiroubles, nestling on hillsides which form an arena around the village. These
are the highest vines in Beaujolais, culminating at 250 to 450 metres altitude on the edge of the Beaujolais Mountains. The fine floral aromas of its wines evoke small juicy red fruits, offering great freshness and delicacy.

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