Beaujolais: the world suits it so well


Beaujolais travels the globe where it is much appreciated. Despite preconceived ideas, Beaujolais Nouveaux are not the only wines that are exported; all of the Beaujolais appellations have found a place in the hearts and glasses of the Japanese, Americans, British, Canadians and Brazilians, amongst others. Let’s go on a tour of the globe, with a glass of Beaujolais in hand...

Journey to the far corners of the earth

Among the countries that are particularly fond of Beaujolais, Japan is in the lead with a clear preference for Beaujolais Nouveaux: 90% of Beaujolais wines exported to Japan are primeur or young wines.

Nevertheless, despite this particular preference, the Japanese are also increasingly drinking other Beaujolais appellations.  Opinion leaders in the wine sector in Japan are full of praise for these wines!

Masaharu Oka, President of the Japanese Sommeliers’ Association said:

"Beaujolais wines include many wines that age well (...) This is particularly true of the Beaujolais Crus: many are excellent quality wines that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to wine lovers."


Conquering the Americas

The American continent is as vast as the tastes of its inhabitants.

In the United States, they have a marked preference for Beaujolais-Villages. Is it because the Americans love their barbecues and grilled meats, a perfect pairing for these appellations?  Perhaps... In any case, they certainly appreciate the freshness and vivacity of the wines from the region, as the words of Neal Martin, a major wine critic in the English-speaking world, indicate:

“The Beaujolais region is a land of young, emerging talents: winegrowers who have learnt the art of winemaking from previous generations, but who have also travelled around France and the New World, and their refreshing ideas are seen in the Beaujolais wines.” 

In South America, especially Brazil, people are starting to really appreciate Beaujolais wines, particularly the Beaujolais-Villages reds and the crus; the Beaujolais region is the third biggest exporter of French wines to Brazil!

The Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages reds, but also the rosés have also been very successful in this country of heat and sunshine. It’s easy to imagine people enjoying the fruity and refreshing wines as temperatures soar.


Back at home

What about Europe? The Belgians turn out to be discerning wine lovers who like all the different appellations, while the Germans are particularly keen on Beaujolais Nouveaux.  Which doesn’t stop them enjoying the 12 other appellations as well.  An article on the subject in the German version of Reader’s Digest states:

"The name Beaujolais can once again be applied to top of the range wines."

In the United Kingdom, people enjoy Beaujolais wines, particularly the crus.  An infatuation that shows no signs of running out of steam.  James Lawther, Master of Wine, wrote in the magazine Decanter:

  "These are wines of real personality with a truly authentic touch. And the good news is that they are getting still better and better."

The Dutch and the Irish are less keen on wine in general, but the Beaujolais region is working on making its wines better known in Ireland and the Netherlands!


In all four corners of the world - the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania - Beaujolais AOC wines are much appreciated. These fruity, easily digestible wines, low in alcohol and tannins meet the needs of consumers, not just French ones, and are an excellent match for many different types of cuisine. Abroad, we’re not afraid to shout out loud and clear that we love Beaujolais...our national pride!

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