Juliénas appellation : wines with character


Juliénas wines grow across the southern and south-eastern slopes of Mont du Bessay, which has a wealth of different terroirs! This hillside is divided into zones of granitic, sedimentary and “rotten rock” soils, which is what makes it possible to store these Beaujolais crus for several years without any loss of quality.

Subtly spicy, this appellation lives up to its name, which it gets from...

A wine as powerful as Julius Caesar

Juliénas wines are so called in honor of Julius Caesar who occupied the region in 100BC. It’s possible that his legions were already growing vines back then...

But the allusion to Julius Caesar isn’t just in the appellation. The granite terroir, rich in alluvial deposits, also confers a singular power on these Beaujolais wines. Its character isn’t entirely dissimilar to that of the indomitable general, who would surely appreciate the subtle mix of fruits and spices that emanate from Juliénas wines.

There is no shortage of adjectives to describe this outstanding Beaujolais cru: vigorous, robust, structured, seductive and elegant. Characteristics that are also used to describe Julius Caesar. The wine is so like him that it verges on insolence!

And that’s not all...


A wine as courageous as a legionnaire

Juliénas wines grow at heights of 250 to 470 meters above sea level on a slope that gets steeper and steeper. The vines are planted in poor soil and need all their strength and courage to grow properly and find the resources they require.

The Gamay noir à nus blanc variety is perfectly capable of this and guarantees a high-quality production. The courage of the vines is reflected in the complex bouquet of bottles of Juliénas: the floral, fruity, spicy aromas and mineral notes make for a harmonious blend.


A wine as welcoming as the Gauls

Juliénas is not known only for its excellent wines. It is also a charming village of around 800 inhabitants, a lively tourist haven that extends a warm welcome to travelers who come to discover the Beaujolais crus as well as anyone seeking to permanently settle in the village.

This small town is packed with places to visit such as the Old Church, the Caveau, the Bois de la Salle chateau, Juliénas chateau and the Maison de la dîme. Of course, there are also many wineries ready to help you discover the flavors of a Juliénas wine.

And if you decide to visit the Beaujolais region in summer, don’t miss the Juliénales in July: A friendly and sociable 3-day festival with wine tastings in the village center!


Any tour of the Beaujolais vineyards should include a visit to Juliénas. The village is a great place for rest and relaxation and also an extraordinary journey into a verdant countryside. Juliénas’ rustic side and the olde-worlde charm of the village often something akin to a fabulous journey back in time...