They love Beaujolais and don’t mind shouting about it!


All around the world, wine professionals are increasingly praising Beaujolais wines. Let’s take a quick look…


Neal Martin, The Wine Advocate (Robert Parker)

"Beaujolais is clearly a hotbed of young talent: winemakers that have not simply learned their craft from the previous generation, but instead travelled to Burgundy, other French wine regions and the New World, and their fresh ideas are permeating through Beaujolais."

Katie Kelly Bell from Forbes

« Looking for great Pinot Noir bargains? Try Cru Beaujolais. Cru Beaujolais wines, made from Gamay grapes grown in the finest vineyards of France’s Beaujolais region, are often masters of disguise, fooling even the best sommeliers into thinking they are actually Pinot Noir wines »


Michael Madrigale, one of the top US sommeliers

« Beaujolais is ‘the greatest secret in wine’. »


Eric Asimov spécialiste vin pour le New York Times

"Great Beaujolais (…) can be complex, and it is age-worthy. But great Beaujolais remains joyous."



Claude Langlois, Le Journal de Montréal

"It is when it [Beaujolais] shows its fragility that it is at its most thrilling and uplifting. In short, like Pinot Noir, it is capable of being simultaneously totally transparent, hugely subtle and have a stunning presence.”



Eduardo Russo, Prazeres da Mesa

" Here I want to write about what most impressed me about my visit [to the Beaujolais region]: the stunning quality of Beaujolais wines.”



Hervé Lalau et Marc Vanhellemont, In Vino Veritas

“The Beaujolais region, with its rolling hills, hillocks and panoramic viewpoints, its walnut trees in the middle of the vines, castles, country manors and steep terrain in the North, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful winegrowing areas in France. Pure happiness is a ray of sunshine lighting up a hillside!"



Sharon van Lokhorst, Winelife

« […] wines with personality, complexity and structure, some with real ageing potential […] Winegrowers here have different ways of working, a great deal of respect for nature and want to show the purest expression of their terroir and grape variety.”



Reader’s Digest Deutschland

“The name Beaujolais can once again be applied to top of the range wines.”


United Kingdom

James Lawther, Master of Wine, Decanter

"These are wines of real personality with a truly authentic touch. And the good news is that they are getting still better and better.“

"The crus have a delicious smack of fruit but also the structure to age, some resembling a mature Pinot Noir with a few years in bottle."


Tim Atkins MW, expert britannique en vins internationalement reconnu

“ Beaujolais will be on my shortlist for the most undervalued wine region on the planet ”



Masaharu Oka, président de l'Association des sommeliers japonais

“Beaujolais wines include many wines that age well (...) This is particularly true of the Beaujolais Crus: many are excellent quality wines that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to wine lovers.“


Luxuo luxury news

« What wine goes best with Chinese food? […] At any rate, if you plan on dipping in hot sauce, avoid red wines that are high in tannins, which tend to accentuate spiciness. Here again, a lighter red wine such as a Beaujolais is an excellent choice »



Vladislav Volkov, magazine Cigar Clan

« Gamay can really perform miracles ! »



Eric Beaumard, chef sommelier du Cinq au palace Four Seasons, à Paris

« When Beaujolais reveals outstanding qualities, people think it’s a Burgundy. »

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