Video : AOC Beaujolais


Hello! Today, I’m stopping off in one of the Beaujolais appellation areas for a very Beaujolais Moment.

We’re in Pierres Dorées, or Golden Stones country, just 20 minutes northwest of Lyon. Theizé, behind me, is one of the pretty villages built in ochre-coloured stone. Gentle valleys and rolling hills complete the Tuscan, dolce vita feel of the landscape.

The Beaujolais appellation covers the largest surface area of the 12 appellations. It begins in Pierres Dorées in the south and stretches to the Saône River to the north of the region.

Most of the vineyards are south of Villefranche-sur-Saône where the clayey-limestone soil produces intense, fruity, easy-drinking and refreshing wines.

This is where accessible reds and the famous Beaujolais Nouveau wines are produced. There are also some wonderfully aromatic rosé wines and a few gentle whites!

Let’s not deny ourselves the pleasure– we love Beaujolais red with a cold meat platter and sushi. The white is excellent with salmon and seafood!


Read on : the article about the AOC Beaujolais.

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