Video : AOC Côte de Brouilly


Hello! Today I’m going to take you up on the Brouilly hills for a very volcanic Beaujolais Moment! Phew!

I’m on Mont Brouilly. Although it’s only 483 metres high, it is easy to spot. The slopes are covered in vines and it looks like a volcano in the Auvergne. This is because Mont Brouilly is volcanic in origin. The wine gets all its qualities from the unusual blue granite terroir. See you up there!

This is Notre Dame des Raisins Chapel. Right at the top of Mont Brouilly. You can’t miss it. It’s been here since 1857 to protect the vines below it.

The Côte de Brouilly wines made here are one of the 10 Beaujolais crus. They are more robust red wines than the Brouilly wines, because of the different soils. Don’t rush to drink them, they improve tremendously with several years ageing! It’s the best way to appreciate these generous, elegant and perfectly balanced wines.


Here in the region, people drink it with the famous poultry liver terrine. Try it with white fish or meat cooked in sauce, and tell me what you think!