Video : AOC Morgon


Hello! Today we meet on the Mont du Puy, at the heart of the Morgon appellation, one of the 10 Beaujolais crus.

You’d never have guessed that the robust vines on the gently sloping Côte de Py grow in “rotten soil”, as locals call it. Yet the ochre-coloured earth, made up of sand and clay from decomposed granite, coincidentally also called “morgons” in French, gives the Morgon cru all its qualities. Particularly its ability to age well.

Did you know that the wine here “morgonnes” to reach its best? In other regions, they call it “pinoter”. This means that the wine becomes more complex and develops its unique fruit kernel, kirsch and floral aromas. The Morgon red is said to have ”the fruitiness of a Beaujolais and the charm of a Burgundy”, probably because it is a powerful and robust wine like its neighbour.

It is tannic, but not overbearingly so. For me, this makes it an ideal wine to serve with a lasagne or pizza. It’s also great slightly chilled at 14° to 16°C with a beef carpaccio or beef tartare, a wonderful change from a summer rosé!


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