Video : Harvest in the Beaujolais


Hello! For our Beaujolais Moment today, I’d like to give you a taste of the excitement of the harvest.

Did you know that in the whole Beaujolais region, only one grape variety is used for red and rosé wines? Gamay. And Chardonnay for the white wines. More than half of the global cultivation area of Gamay is here in the Beaujolais!

It’s a delicate, fragile variety that has to be picked in whole bunches. It’s the basis of winemaking in the Beaujolais, and the reason why the grapes are hand picked, especially as these are the steepest vineyards in France!

As many as 50,000 pickers and porters are involved in the harvest. Picking requires precise movements. First the leaves are removed, then the bunch is picked and finally the grapes are sorted to keep the good ones.

Despite all the special skills required, Beaujolais wines remain among the most affordable.


Read on : the article about the harvest in the Beaujolais.

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