Video : Heroic vines on the hillsides


Hello, You need a head for heights for this Beaujolais Moment. We are on the steepest hillsides in the region.

The Beaujolais region always strikes the visitor for its sheer hilliness. The vines have been clinging onto hillsides
 since Antiquity. Even Emperor Constantine was impressed by them.

Summits at 1000 metres and an average elevation of 300 m. Beaujolais is the steepest winegrowing area in France. And that’s not all. Half the growing area has gradients between 10% and 30%.

Heroic vineyards, steep slopes and mountains are all challenges for Beaujolais winegrowers.

Along with soil erosion, major temperature differences, and tricky conditions that make manual work compulsory.

But this is compensated by good sunlight, soil ventilation and moisture content.

Winegrowers work hard to preserve these superb landscapes. Good job because the heroic vines are one of the Beaujolais region’s great assets.

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