Vdeo: The Beaujolais Wine Road


The Beaujolais Wine Route, the best way to discover the region, in my view ! I’m on my bike for this Beaujolais Moment. Let’s go !

The 140 km Beaujolais wine route crosses 12 appellations from north to south. Great for exploring the natural beauty and heritage.

First stop, Mont Brouilly. You can’t miss it. It’s in the southern part of our tour, in the cru area, encircled by vines.We’ve passed some lovely châteaux, including La Chaize just over there.

Second stop, this is Vaux-en-Beaujolais, home of the Beaujolais Villages appellation. A great view of the vineyards and the very steep slopes.

Third stop Oingt  ! No bikes allowed so it’s on foot to the keep.This is the Beaujolais appellation and Pierres Dorées country. The Tuscan feel, and the beautiful ochre-coloured stones are simply charming.

Car, motorbike, bicycle or on foot, any means of transport is good to discover the region and the locals.

Right, I’m off, it’s a long way to Lyon.


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