Video : The Bistrots Beaujolais


Welcome to a Beaujolais foodie moment. Today, we’re having lunch, but not just anywhere. In a Bistrot Beaujolais. Follow me !

This is Michèle and Jean-Jacques’ auberge. It’s part of the Bistrots Beaujolais family. Not all of them are actually bistrots, there are auberge hotels like this, wine bars, brasseries and Michelin star restaurants..

What do they all have in common? They all share their passion for Beaujolais through a great wine list, and advise you on the best Beaujolais wine pairing for their dishes, ranging from French to exotic, home cooking or fine dining like here at Delphine and Romain’s.

So are you ready to discover the spirit of Beaujolais? Try out a Bistrot Beaujolais in France, most are in the Beaujolais region,
but also in Lyon and Paris.

Further afield, there are Bistrots Beaujolais in China, Japan and the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK

You’re never far from a great meal served with a good Beaujolais !


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