Video : The vines in winter


In winter, the vines rest but not the winegrowers. This Beaujolais moment is about vine pruning.

In November, there are no leaves on the vines .It’s the best time to see the two types of pruning in the Beaujolais region. Let’s go.

Some vines are trained with stakes and wires, others aren’t. This is easy to spot, but it’s harder to tell if it’s Gobelet pruning, the most common technique here,  and compulsory for the crus and Beaujolais Villages, or Guyot pruning, authorised only for AOC Beaujolais.

Let’s look at Gobelet pruning. 3 to 5 short spurs form a goblet-shaped crown, hence the name. In Guyot pruning, just one shoot is kept.

Pruning is a long job done every year by hand,plant by plant. It is extremely skilled work. It’s crucial for the vines, as it cleans and strengthens them, and helps with yield control, and grape quality.

The winegrowers pamper their vines to produce great wines for us.

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