Video : Working the vines in the spring


Hello, it’s the end of spring. The summer heat will soon be here. Winegrowers are busy in the Beaujolais vines. Here is a Beaujolais Moment
about training the vines.

Working the vines in the spring. With the good weather, the vine awakens. The leaves appeared in April.

In May the buds burst, and tiny clusters appear. The branches are still fragile and easily damaged by the wind.

They are attached to stop them breaking: with willow for Gobelet-pruned plants. Or wire cables for trellising. This is called relevage or lifting and tying. 

Then comes the flowering and the nouaison. in June, when the fertilised flowers become grains.The vines are trimmed back and the tips of branches cut off, to re-direct the sap to the berries.

If required, the winegrower can perform green pruning. Some bunches of grapes are removed so the others ripen better

This is done by hand like everything else we have seen. Vine upkeep continues until the autumn harvest. But that’s another story...


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